The Tythish

Read a deleted scene from the first draft of CIRCLES OF STONE, describing Sylas and Simia’s terrifying encounter with Thoth’s city guards…


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“… [a] vivid fantasy world where danger lurks at every turn and the plot twists on every page. It bears all the hallmarks of the genre, including powerful magic, baffling prophecies, breathless chases, heroic battles, evil adversaries, a thundering climax and a quest that seems impossible to fulfill. There are… undertones of bigger themes, but this is a wonderful piece of fantasy that will enthrall readers in the twelve plus age group.”

Reading Time, Children’s Book Council of Australia

“I became totally immersed in an amazing world of painted words … breathtaking and an absolute joy to read… A book that you will reflect on for the rest of your life. Just like when you first read the Hobbit or Sabriel or took your first stroll along the story path of Terry Pratchett… Fantastically exciting… Quite simply… Possibly the best book that I have read – or will read – this year.”

Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books